Amin Financial and Commercial Advising Firm

Considering of the economic and political evolutions that occasionally tend to create financial and economic crisis in the countries and also in small and big industrial and trading companies, and thus these changes and evolutions due to fear of market depression, the losses cause by these crises and else can prompt to organized management planning disruption and disorder for production, investment, sales and finally a profitable and logical business

       On the other hand, also the ever-increasing improvement of knowledge and technology in the world may cause a fear of losing the sales market in small and medium companies due to their inabilities of exploitation of modern technology and developed quality and competing with present science holders. Therefore, such changes and evolutions can create unsteadiness of quality and entity of raw materials in one side, and lack of fixed tariffs and instability of market consumption and also market depression on the other side, that prevents small and medium companies, not to hit the market, even provisionally. These issues consistently make the managers feel worry and may involve them in crisis, and this anxieties always provoke their thoughts and do not let them think correctly

       If we think deeply, we will figure out these issues have obliged good and powerful companies in all countries, even with technical knowledge and experience and essential capital, to feel demand of a think tank beside their office. A think tank along with all the abilities and technical knowledge that the managers and the personnel’s of a company may have, would help them with financial, economical, inventory, technology, engineering, commercial, soft warring, hard warring, producing, and marketing consultation in the crucial moments and crisis which may have been the result of stress of inappropriate work challenges, time consuming, instable market and market slump that may take the efficient time of managers and their think power. And parallel with the company goals; would make a path of their improvement and development.

       We are honored to be able to be along with the companies as a think tank with enough experience and ability for consultation and also implementation in different fields and in all production and commercial processes advising such as:

  • Financial and tax accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Evaluating of real cost price of the products, inventory, designing production lines, creating a harmony between production lines and other production sections with production lines, evaluating the value of wasted parts and proposal of reducing the rate of them, expenses reduction, quality upgrading and productiveness, production time study and capacity study, assessing the lost times and the method of decreasing them and assessing profitability and increasing profit
  • Commercial and Trading issues
  • Sales and marketing of your products with up-to-dated methods of the world, suitable for the conditions, locations and market capacity and many other things can be effective.
  • Translation and Interpretation

Furthermore, we can be a bridge between domestic companies and their foreigner counterparts in order to develop the modern technical science of company or manufactory.

       We are able to offer implemental methods to eliminate assumed failures in unites and supervision of presented methods procedure, and by presenting reports of qualitative marketing, and introducing the status of market, type of manufactured products by foreign competitors, and holding conferences and seasonal inspections for exchanging the experiences, techniques and technical modern science with relevant advisors, holding essential training courses in all levels. And at last we are able to manage the time shorter in order to reach economic goals of managers by performing research affairs to enhance the quality improvement and scientific levels.

       For economic and industrial companies that may feel demand of providing the raw materials from other countries, we can help them to achieve, according to our enough experience and knowledge of industrial and direct foreigner manufacturing companies, and with the possibility of introducing these units to direct and main suppliers of that products, and take responsibility of the whole processes, such as correspondences and direct contacts for a safe and healthy purchase with the best quality, price and guarantee, and with eliminating middlemen and indirect steps of supplying and distributing goods and unnecessary costs, in the way of reducing the expenses and increasing the quality of product and present better services to these economic industrial companies.

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