Search and supply

Search and supply

       A favorable purchase directly from a main manufacturer, with high quality and good profit can bring a notable reputation for buyer. But when you search for a product that you need, suddenly, you will be faced with hundreds Emails with different names that are being introduced as manufacturer and when you ask for a price list, you will find different prices in difference with each other.

       Now it’s a hard situation for buyer to decide on which company put his time to survey, and buyer will be confused which one is worth spending a time on. Is there enough time to correspond with all of them? If we just select one company, is that company really the right one? Can we have the best quality and competitive price then? Does it fit my end?

       Perhaps you have this experience that some companies in order to supply their row materials would make contact with foreign companies which at first seem they are manufacturers, but when they encounter problems, they will find out that they are not main manufacturer but brokers who own no place and reputation and because of long distances could deceive companies easily. And maybe you have this experience too, that the row materials you’ve got in spite of receiving a sample of them, doesn’t compare with the ones you’ve delivered in your orders each time. And when you complain you’d hear different reasons from them and after your hard pursue, you’ll finally find out that your order have been provided from different companies or brokers with the same brand and packing, for he hadn’t had your order in the production line at that time and had proceeded to buy the rest from other manufacturer or brokers, obviously with different qualities and shared profits. Even the ones who had a direct travel to the origin have been faced to these problems too.

       Naturally, two groups of buyers often would experience these problems. First, the ones who do not have enough experience, and second the ones in spite of having experience but do not have enough time for following up and required investigations.

       One of the other common problems that majority of importers or representatives of foreign products are faced with, is foreign brands monopoly. It’s experienced that a representative has taken a brand from foreign manufacturer, and he has worked on that for many years to promote that brand, and after giving fame to that brand with a lot efforts and meeting too many troubles in expectance of his profitability, suddenly he’s encountered with manufactories abnormal calls, and after times he’s understood that for manufacturer greed, ether he has to acquiesce to all their abnormal calls or give up hope about that brand. So the company will be able to offer that brand which its promotion cost and labor has been paid by somebody else in favorable and the best condition to somebody else.

       On the other hand, vice versa, it’s experienced that a factory had given a brand to a representative but the representative had blocked the brand promotion and had just taken that for ceasing brands quantity to decrease comparators. And many examples like these.

       One of the other problems that most of importers have a bitter experience about is the sudden changes in packaging, appearance, printed information and technical information on products that we know none of them won’t happen without any reason.

       As you are informed a foreign manufacturer does not produce his product only for one region and does not give that brand to one representative. But he may give the brand to a representative in Iran, one in Europe and also one in USA. And the terms of changes will be determined by main and cardinal buyers, and it’s experienced, considering our country’s tastes, culture and economic site, the changed has not been done by our buyers’ requests mostly. And there are too many other problems that our importers have sore experiences about them.

       Is there any solution for importers and customers to do away with all of these problems at once? Definitely there is no clear solution. We believe that the solution for enterprises won’t be the same and it differs with regard to the type of their contracts and transactions.

       By experience of observation and visiting of foreign manufactories in most countries, and by studying and supervision on manufacturer’s purchase and sales method, we have offered different solutions that have helped decreasing these problems to some high extent. But the quick changes and alternations in global economy have enforced us to study and review for finding out more solutions, and these changes have proved us that we have to be ready to offer new different solutions regularly to enterprises to enable them to eliminate the possibility of errors and obstacles.

       By having complete knowledge of industrial countries, and by familiarity with places that can access to specific industrial information archives of that country, we claim that we can easily involve ourselves to our commitment in our particular method of research on economic circumstances, Sale potentials and capacities, demand rate inquiry, main supplier recognition, signing contracts process, orders plan, corresponding and communication affairs, quality control process, order method consultation, identifying the factors that can encourage the manufacturers to change their production methods and designing techniques and strategies for implementation and confrontation with failures.

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