Deputy affairs

Permanence and stability of mutual cooperation

Deputy affairs

Benefiting by expert knowledge of Financial Management and Cost Accounting and also familiarity with industry and production and 30 years experiences of business and financial services with having cognizance of modern methods of market researching and investment and also international technical language and communication, made me to offer my proposal regarding deputy affairs to manufacturers and companies, in the way that to contact as the deputy from their side with their costumers or their correspondent and party to a deal or transaction over their business and financial affairs

Meanwhile, we will accept the responsibility of corresponding and communication between to help both sides to save their time and make enough opportunities to convey the difficulties and technical points relating their business and products

Also we can accept all of the official affairs, financial services, fair affairs, auditing and preparing reports for manufacturers and companies, and other services as:

  • Companies financial and Asset Auditing for having business contract with
  • Drawing up financial statements and English standard reports
  • Audit and Control of Accounts
  • Financial Advising
  • Cost Accounting and Cost Auditing
  • Offering or Implementing Productivity Projects
  • Managing Controllable Direct Overhead Cost Reduction
  • Inventory Control and Advising
  • Simultaneous translation and interpretation
  • Business international communication and corresponding
  • Financial, Tax, Cost Price, Profitability & Loss assessment
  • Fill in declarations and drawing up books of original entry
  • Issuing contracts and preparing reports

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